"Who are you really and what were you before?" is so much more than just a quote from the movie Casablanca. Could you be more than this body and its form? Are you a body or are you the energy that animates the body? And if energy can neither be created nor destroyed, as the first law of thermodynamics states, did you exist before you were born into this world? And will you continue to exist once your performance on your "stage" in this "theater" ends?

If you choose to identify, in this life you're living, as the energy that animates the body, was there a time and place where you animated a different body? Humphrey Bogart's character goes on to ask, "What did you do and what did you think?" Do you remember? Or did you agree to forget...

It is in this "fog of forgetting" that some of the most universal fears are rooted. At some point in our lives we may find ourselves questioning why we're here, pondering if our life has a specific purpose, tormenting about the constant conflict within us, and  doubting that there's a point to it all since everybody meets the same end.

The answers to all of these questions shape and inform the entire experience you call "life" (your "stage"). Once you remember the truth of who and what you really are, the magic of this world (the "theater") becomes readily recognized and the miracle of Life is allowed (by you!) to transform your perception and inevitably reveal the ultimate Reality.

Juliana Monroe


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